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IGNOU Date Sheet – IGNOU is India’s pride when it comes to Open Education. The institution is the largest Open University in the world. The institution came into being by an Act of Parliament in 1985. This open school started imparting academic programmes in 1987. Starting with 4,528 students today it has over 3 million students. The University has its branches spread across the country and other nations. The vision for this establishment has always been an inclusive education. The diverse economic and cultural segments of society benefit from this institution.

Latest Updates on IGNOU Date Sheet 2017 TEE

As per latest update ignou date sheet Dec 2017 will be start from Friday, December 1, 2017  and ends on Wednesday, December 13, 2017.
For full details use our tool to check.
IGNOU date sheet for June 2017 published in official website. Now students can download their date sheet easy and quick without any issues.Click below to link to download your time table.
Dear Students We created a new tool to find your exam date very easily without any problem. To access the tool click below link.

IGNOU Exam Date Finder Tool

IGNOU Hall Ticket Download

As per the official IGNOU site, Ignou 2016 June result has been published on 12 August 2016, Still ignou date sheet december 2016 has not released, please follow us in Facebook for more information. We are trying to get the information asap.

Ignou date sheet 2017 pdf has to released in official site. Students please watch our page for more details to download the latest date sheet.

June 2017 Term End Exam Date Sheet (tentative) has been published, Students can download it from here. As per the IGNOU univeristy exam will starts from 01.06.2017 and ends on 29.06.2017.

Download Date Sheet 2017  Date sheet Dec Here

001/CHE-1/CHE-2/CIT-01/ CS-60/CTE-01/ES-202/MANI-001/MCS-043/MCT-011/BLI-221/BLS-01/BME-023/BNMI-003/BOS-001/
073MEC-001/MEDS-041/MEG-01/MES-011/MES-051/MFR-008/MFR-/BWEF-002/ /CS-72/DCE-05/ES-335/ET-508A/GR-3/MDE-413/MED-
001/MHD-1/MHI-01/MHY-024/MIP-101/ /MIR-021/MJM-001/MPCE-038/MFW-078/MHA-01/MHI-08/MIP-001/MLI-001/MLI-101/MMD-
004/BLE-037/BMS-003/BNRI-101*/BNS-102/BPC-001/BPVI-022*/BPVI-003/BPHE-101/BPHE-102/BPOI-001/BPVI-042*/ /BWEE-004/CS-75/ECO-
052/MFR-002/MFW-003/MFW-052/MGPE-012/MGY-002/ MHD-03/MHI-062/MFW-073/MCFT-004/MGSE-001/MHA-06/MHD-13/MHY-003/MIP-
001/MPA-012/MPSE-012/MS-04/MSE-024/MSW-002/MTE-08/ /MTT-021/MIP-003/MME-005//MPSE-007/MPYE-008/MRDE-101/MS-28/MS-
011/BNS-103/BPC-002/BPR-003/BPVI-023*/BPVI-032*//BRL-010/BSWE-008/BLII-012/BLI-223/BME-025/BNMI-002/ BOS-007/BPOI-002/BPVI-
05/MHI-03/MHY-022/ /MIR-023/MJM-003/ MLI-102/MMD-051/MMDE-015/MFW-015/MFW-035/MFW-049/MFW-063/MFW-075/MGS-005/MHA-
029/MMDE-034/MMDE-039/MMT-008/MPCE-013/MPCE-023/MPCE-033/MPS-09/MHD-15/MHD-19/MHY-002/MHY-041 /MLE-011/MLI-003 /MMD-
018/BPCE-019/BPCE-021/BPVI-024*/BPVI-033*/ CS-70/CYP-06/DECE-052/BNS-017/BNS-117/BOS-009/BPVI-044*//BRL-013/ /CS-74/ES-211/ET-
03/DNHE-02/ /ES-332/ET-105A/ET-536B/ET-581B/LMT-01/LSE-02/MAE-531A/ET-532B/ET-581C/FEG-01/FHD-02/IBO-06/MCH-003/MCS-052/MDS-
002/MAM-003/MANI-003/MCC-004/MCFT-007/MCMM-001/MCS-012/MDE-008/MDS-010/MED-001*/MEDS-006/MFN-021/MFR-001/ /MFR-028/MFR-
028/MFW-042/MFW-057/MFW-068/MGP-005/ MGY-003/MIR-011/MLI-042/MLII-102/MMDE-055/MMDE-056/MMDE-057/MMTE-002/MNRE-
020/BIELE-015/BIME-017/BIMEE-001/BLE-033/ /BME-010/BNMI-013/BNRI-031/BICE-019/BICSE-012/BIEEE-012/BIELE-013/BIME-004/BIMEE-
104*/BNS-013/BPR-001/BPVI-003*/BPVI-025*/BPVI-034*/BPY-010/BRL-022/BIMEE-029/ /BLII-013/BLI-225/BLS-05/BME-035/BME-057/BNS-
003/CFN-01/CS-06/DECE-01/ECO-05/ES-316/ET-523A/IBO-01/LSE-05/MANE-018/BOS-011/BPOI-003/BPVI-013*/ /BPYE-002/BRL-002/ES-343/ET-
07/MTTM-07/MVP-003/OAPI-013/OSEI-041/ RLS-103/
033/BNMI-014/ BPYE-001/CFN-02/CLT-102/CLT-103/CLT-104/ CS-610/CYP-009/BICS-030/BICSE-001/BIEE-009/BIEE-030/BIEEE-017/BIEL-007/BIEL-
04/MAE-004/MAM-004/MANE-002/MBP-005/MCC-07/MCSE-003/MECE-032/BOS-012/BPOI-004/BPVI-045*///BWEE-008/CHR-11/ /CS-71//ET-
003/OULE-002/RMD-002/61/MSWE-042/MVEI-012/OEY-002/OSEI-042/OVA-002/PHE-14/ /RITS-
023/BIME-028/BIME-031/BIMEE-003/BIMEE-012/BLE-001/ /BME-013/BNRI-001/BLIE-226/BLS-06/BME-031/BME-063/BNMI-007/BOS-013/BPVI-014*/
022/MES-008/MFW-021/MIP-107/MIR-013/MMTE-006/MPSE-008/ /MS-009/MFT-010/MFW-031/MGPE-007/MGSE-013/MIP-007/MLI-006/MLII-
95/MSWE-041/PHE-4/PHE-5/104/MS-46/MTM-06/MTTM-06/MTT-016/OSE-043/ RLSE-113/RLSE-
103/BFR-018/BFW-009/BICEE-022/BICS-020/BIEE-017/BIMEE-011/ /BME-051/BES-009/BHY-038/BICE-005/BICS-031/BICSE-015/BIEE-020/BIEE-
102/RHI-103/RPA-102/ /RPS-102/RTT-102/RAN-003/RAN-103/533A/MCFT-005/MCS-013/MFR-030/MGSE-007/MHD-17/MHYL-
002/ECO-08/ES-341/LSE-3/MES-056/MES-111/MFW-060/MSW-008/MTM-046/MLIE-103/ORU-001/ /RCO-002/RCSE-001/RFNE-002/RHD-101/RLE-
012/BNS-042/BNS-111/BPVI-008*/BPVI-038*/CHE-09/MPC-006/MPSE-042/MHYL-047/MLIE-106/ /RCSE-008/RGGE-103/RHD-102/RLE-006/RLI-
057/MESE-058/MESE-059/MFC-004/MFW-009/MFW-029/MFW-043/MFW-020/MGP-004/MHA-18/MHY-001/MHYI-041/MIP-005/MLE-013/ /MMDE-
012/BIMEE-015/ /BME-016//BRL-015/BRPA-101/CHE-10/CYP-03/DCE-052/BHYL-008/BICEE-021/BICS-016/BIEE-016/BIEL-014/BIMEE-002/BJM-
003/MES-114/MFN-001/MFP-01/MFR-005/MFW-014/MFW-034/MFW-002/BRL-004/CDM-002/CS-63/CYP-07/DTG-004/ /ES-364/ET-202A/GR-
066/MMDE-072/MMDE-076/MMTE-004/MPA-005/MPA-016/MS-23/MS-43/MS-006*MEDS-011/MES-045/MES-084/ /MFR-007/MFR-017/MFR-035/MFW-
56/MS-62/MTE-06/MTM-15/MWG-004/NES-104/OEE-002/ORUL-002/OULE-045/MGPE-013/MGSE-009/MHY-005/MHY-008/MLE-015/ MNRE-
005/RHI-101/ /016*//MPYE-013/MRDE-004/MS-425/MS-64/MSWE-044/MTT-021/MVEI-
001/MFW-002/MFW-051/MGPE-009/ /MHD-02/ /MJM-002/MMDE-061/MMDE-008*/MES-044/MES-083/MFR-010/MFR-026/MFR-039/MFT-001/MFW-
Download June 2017 Comprehensive TEE Date Sheet Click Here
Download Detailed June 2017 Date Sheet For Each Course Separately. Click here

Download your IGNOU Date sheet here DATESHEETJUNE_17


Students Can Check ignou Results here

IGNOU Date Sheet Term-End Examinations

IGNOU conducts its Term-End Examination twice in a year. The exams take place in the months of June and December. There are some conditions for the candidates if they want to sit for the exams. One that there is no discrepancy regarding their registration. Second, if the candidate’s maximum time to complete the course has not yet elapsed. Third, submission of the completed assignments before filling up the form.

IGNOU Date Sheet Exam Fee

The exam fees for the course is RS.60/- per course. The fee is payable through Bank Draft in favour of IGNOU from the exam centre city. The Study Centres and Regional Centres distribute the exam forms. The candidates can also avail the online exam form submission facility.

IGNOU Date Sheet Examination Centre

The study centre is the test centre. The candidate must fill the centre code in exam form irrespective of his or her regional hub. The candidates can use the Student Handbook to search for the correct exam centre. The exam form should state the exam centre if it is different from the regional hub. The selected centre, if not available the candidate gets a different centre. This will depend on the discretion of the authorities. The exam centre will be at the same regional study centre always.

Exam Form Submission Dates

For June Term-End Exam, the submission of forms begins from 1st of March. 15th May is the last date for exam form submission provided that a late fee of RS.1000/- is paid. For the December Term-End Exam, the submission starts from 1st of September. 15th of November is the last date for submission with the same late fee as mentioned before. The submission of the form should be at the regional centre regardless of where the exam centre is.

Exam Hall Ticket

The University releases the Exam Hall Ticket to the candidates two weeks before the commencement of the exams. The Hall Ticket is downloadable from the University website.  If for some unforeseen reason the candidate does not receive his Hall Ticket. He or she may download the Hall Ticket consequently from the website and approach his or her exam centre with ease.

IGNOU Exam Date Sheet

The IGNOU Date Sheet is downloadable from this link. The next exam date sheet is due on IGNOU website. In December the odd semester exam session will take place. The IGNOU internet site will soon upload the date sheet for the same. For all of the exams like BA, MA, BDP, BPP, MCOM, MCA and many other courses the date sheet is the same. Those candidates whose exams are due in winter session should follow the IGNOU site link provided in this article. For the latest news, this is the link.


The IGNOU has been the largest Open University in the world for a very long time. It has its presence in various countries. For this reason, attracting students from varied backgrounds visiting its campus. Hence IGNOU has always attracted a lot of talented students towards its courses. The quality of education and its delivery has always been a plus point for this Open University. The sheer number of students and the reach of this institution has time and again proven its worth. IGNOU through all these years remains a significant contributor towards the success of its students and its country.

Important Links

Ignou Course wise Date sheet Details Date sheet

Comprehensive date Sheet DATE SHEET JUNE 17

IGNOU Official Site

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  1. Vikas makiza says:

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    • Yes Sure, You can connect with us anytime, we are happy to help you.

      • Viren Gujjar says:

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      • Shivam Bahuguna says:

        Mam very good evening , mam I am Shivam Bahuguna student of Ignou..Am pursuing b.com 1st year..from 2 times the result is unfavourable for me..I got back in 3 subjects..can you please help me for that by which I can easily pass my enrollment number is 157466710

      • Mam, can you help me in preparing for my exams for BA

        • Shalini which year student you are? Nd what is your center code?

        • mohit rana says:

          M also perusing BA plzz help me to find date of exam of ba EPs 3, eao 16, ehi5 ACC 1 plzz help me i m vry puzzle with this date sheet plzz contact me on 9476052686

      • Can you please send me my ba 1year date sheet
        My subjects are. Eps11,feg1,feg2,ehi2,bshf101.

        • you can check the time table in pdf, attached in this post

          • my
            subjects are mentioned in gr 1 and 2 without any date what its mean

          • Anil you exam date is 21 June and 22 June, Download the ignou date sheet and check

          • You send me ba exma date sheet

          • Bhdf101 bshf101 begf101 eso11 ehi2

          • Mam please help me
            I can not find out my one paper date
            And that paper subject code is FEG-2
            Please help me and tell me the date of paper

          • Tarun Kumar says:

            Dear Mam,

            Can you send me b a third year exam date sheet.

          • Hi Tarun, in our new tool you can search find you exam date by your subject code. Give a try here

          • Durgeswari kumari says:

            Hi. I m ignou student I want ur help please can u tell me some information about eco -11

          • Eco 11 is on 9.12.2017

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      • jaffer hurted says:

        I’m jaffer hurted Wani
        Plz send me date sheet of each course of June session

      • Plz tell me d datesheet of enrolment nmbr:-150487191.
        Exam book.code-:
        1. ESO-15
        2. ESO-16
        3. ANC-01
        4. ACC-01.
        MY mail id-sprishu07@gmail.com

    • parineeta bothra says:

      im also ignou student b.com
      i also want a help
      my watsapps no.078779797
      my name is parineeta bothra

      • What help you need parineeta bothra?

        Dont share phone number in public comments

        • mohit rana says:

          can u tell me date of exam of
          EPS 3
          EHI 5
          eso 16
          ACC 1

          • I AM DARE SHEET


        • Sachin vats says:

          Mam gd evng .
          Maine Dec 2015me admission liya tha
          Kuch problem ki wjah se me exam fee pay nhi ki to mera session whi active hoga ya Dec session m fr see exam de skta hu apne final year ke

        • Hi i need date sheet of ignou bacher of arts all sub

          • Share your subject Code

    • bhai nu Bata do ki BA final year ki date sheet kad AA RHI h

    • Plz sir send my datesheat 3rd year ignou my subject code EpA- 3 ,EpS-9, EPA-5 ,ACC-1, BEGE-102 ,FST-1 ,BEGE-101

    • Mahindersingh says:

      B a first year date sheet

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    • Hi Manish, What help you required, you can contact us in Facebook Page.

      • Mam, can you help me in preparing for my exams for BA

        • yes sure, what kind of help you are expecting?

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    Hi mam i am seving in army my enrolment no is 15t797906 now this time i am deployed in siachin glacier and on leave after 10 months. I have applied for BA 2nd year throgh IGNNO which exam will held in the month of Jun 17. Due to weather condition in siachin we cant plan our leave in time so its my humbe request to u pl send my expected date of my following subject so i plan my leave in advance and i reached my exam centre in time. My mob no is 9478715719. I am

    BHDE 1O6
    FST 01
    BEGE 102
    EPS 3

  6. Hi give me datesheet 16-17

  7. Naresh Kumar says:

    Mam pl i am waitig for ur reply

    • Hi Naresh,

      Share you exam number correctly, we will update you once your result published.

      • L.Singhajit Singh says:

        Time table of PGDFSQM exam_june,2017

        _ 2017 June

  8. Mohammad Amin says:

    Ignou tee dec 2016 ka revaluation result kab ayeaga

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  10. NAVED ALI says:


  11. R. Rajarajeswari says:

    Hello… I am doing mcom. I wrote my second year exam in dec 2016… Every paper i got average of 60%..but in one paper i got 34.. The result came in 14.2.2017…can i apply for revalution to get pass mark… Bcoz i am damsure that i had written the exam properly to get pass mark… Please suggest me…enrol no.. Is 151878940…

    • Hi Rajrajeswari, IF you are confident please apply for revaluation, you will pass.

      Advance Congrats. Thanks

  12. satendra payal says:

    Hi mam I m satendra payal student of July session 2016 and want to getting my exam date sheet .may u help me mam .tell me soon plZZZZZZZZZZ.

  13. Mam how many words should we write for a 20 marks question?my course is MEG

    • Hi Pardepp, To Answer 20 Marks questions, you have write upto 2 pages(front and back).

      But number of words is not important, important points only important.

      • hello,, i have a tension because B.Com final exam date sheet is very very poor.

  14. Can I get the link to your FB page

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  16. Anil kr yadav says:

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  17. Y r ghunawat says:

    What is exam schedule of MA in history for June-2017, I m unable to find such exam details through site.

    • HI Ghunawat, ignou release only tentative date sheet, to find your exam date you should know Subject code,if you know your subject code, you can easily find your Exam date.

      • Y r ghunawat says:

        Mam, My subject code is MAH but in the exam sheet It is not understandable.

  18. Hello ma’am,

    When can I expect a final datasheet for June 2017 exam.

    • Hello ma’am,

      When can I expect a final datasheet for mcom 2nd year for June 2017 exam.

  19. tanu tyagi says:

    Mam …I take exam of first year mec course in June 2016 ..Can u apply for revaluation now ?????

    • No you cant apply now. Its should be within that semester.

  20. Hello ma’am,

    When can I expect a final datasheet for June 2017 exam.

  21. Sewak singh says:

    hlo madam mai sewak singh c.r.p.f. Sa hu aur maina janana chahta hu ke B A ke date sheet kab aaya ge

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  23. Keshav mishra says:

    Mam , i m not able to find eec 11 , feg 2 , & bece 002 in tentative datesheet june 2017 .
    I searched from top to bottom .help

  24. shyamkant deshpande says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    please intimate me my exam dates in june 2017 TTE ,My subjects

    1) ACS 01
    2) EHI02
    3) BEGE106
    4) BEGE 107
    Except ACS 01 which is on 7th june ,Other subjects are not available on time table
    My Reg, No 140905668

  25. Hello Advika, a student needs to reappear for a back paper (ESO 11) this June. How should he go about getting his admit card for the back paper?

    • you can download Admit card from ignou official website. follow the steps mentioned in the post.

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    Regards Arpan paul

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  32. Sonia devi says:

    Write your comment… My inrolment is 140593882 plz send me date sheet ehi.02 and eso 16 send sms mr plz on my phone no9805996689

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    Hello madam good afternoon. Mene mard mae admission lia 2016 mae.aur
    May june 2017 mae exam dene jarahaho .problem yey hay ki muje exame date sheet malum nehi . Kese pata kare

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    hi advika, could u pl help me out in finding the exam time table for June 2017

  35. M.Venkateshan says:

    hi mam my name is venkateshan and iam Ignou student BA 3rd year pursuing..so i have query that in TEE datesheet only one subjegt tc date has been updated as today and that is ACC1 Code rest subjects has not been updated and that bpae102..bege107 and eso 15 and my enrollment number is 148211278..so please help me out to get these dates as soon as possible …

  36. good morning mam ,mam actually I want to know the meaning of GR-1,GR-2 which has mentioned at the end of tee datesheet please tell me shortly

    • Anil you exam date is 21 Jun and 22 June, Please download the ignou date sheet and check

      • Mam i want to know the meaning Gr1 and Gr2 plz mam

  37. Kuldeep kumar says:

    Mam , i want change my one subject BEGE108 & I wanna get other sub. so what will i have to do ?

  38. Praveen Kumar says:

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    So can you please help me to know my exam date sheet.
    My subject codes are acc-1, eso-15, eso-16 and brde-101.


  40. pradeepkumar says:

    please send mcs012-011 important note mam.i am bca 2nd semester student

  41. Subroto haldar says:

    Maim my name is Subroto or me b.a first year ka student hu maim mere pas jo subject hai usme se do subjrct ke exam date mujhe date sheet pr nhi mil rhi wo do subject hai EEC-11 or BECE-002 maim plz help me ye mera whatsapp number hai 9910693743

  42. Bhoora Ram says:

    Respected sir/madam
    I requested for date sheet BLIS Jun 2017 exam. Being a serving soldier there is an important role of leave hence, you are requested to send me date sheet

  43. Mam I am helpless I am trying to check date sheet of b.a but still there is missing one subject BSHF-101 can you check it ? Can you share the link with me of date . Which is easier

    • Hey Akshay, BSHF – 101 exam is on 8th June

      • hello mam i want to help u plz tell m.a pol sci date sheet dec 2017 first year my sub code mps :001 mps:-002 mps :-003 mps 004..

  44. Kuldeep Singh says:

    Hey Advika
    can u hlp.me ..
    plz snd me B.A 1st sem DATE SHEET .
    my subject is ..

  45. hi mum i am arvind date sheet june 2017 and exam date ..

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  47. How to find my exam date sheet.
    (1) BHDE-106
    (2) FST -1
    (3) EHD-03
    (4) EHD-05

  48. Pls help me out for the date of gr. 1 and gr. 2 exam date?? i didn’t understand to find it from date sheet.

  49. Hello Madam/Sir,
    I want to know when my exam about to start. I m doing M.A 1st year in Hindi.
    My subjects code are…..
    MHD 02
    MHD 03
    MHD 04
    MHD 06
    Please give reply to me as soon as possible.
    I will be very thank full to you.

  50. Hello mam..
    Kya m.com (1st yr) me ek din do subjects k exam possible hai? updated Datesheet mai 16.6.17 ko IBO 3 and IBO 5 dono exam hai

    • same date sheet problem of me
      please suggest me how this possible 2 subject exam in 1 day.
      m.com 1st year dec -17 exam
      subject code IBO3 AND IBO5

      • IBO3 is in Forenoon and IBO5 is in after noon.

        Note: This is tentative exam sheet, very soon ignou will release official date sheet, so lease wait for that.

  51. Amitesh kumar says:

    hii i am amitesh kumar i want to connect with u study purpose

  52. respected mam/sir, may u tell me about exam date sheet of (MAH) 1st year…

    plz just reply me..(mam/sir)

  53. M.A ki date sheet kabtak aa jayegi Kya aap btayengi please

  54. Sanjay kushwaha says:

    Hi mam I’m sanjay kushwaha .
    I’m student of b. Com 1st yr. M exam datesheet nh mil pa rha h june 2017 ka.

    My subject..
    Eec 11
    Bshf 101
    Feg 1, 2
    Eco 1, 2
    please informe about the date .

  55. Mam. I have not find the exam date of my one paper
    Whose subject code is FEG-2
    Please help me and tell me date of that paper

  56. Mahi Chauhan says:

    Hii..i am mahi..i want to know my exam date sheet…plz help me..
    My subjects code are….
    BSHF 101, FEG 1, BHDF 101, BPSE 212, ESO 11 And my Enrollment No. is 160673097…plzz guyss hel me..

  57. waseem akram says:

    mam, plz send ba date sheet

  58. Sir mera subjects bhdf101 bhde101 bhde101 ehd2 hai mera subject ka exam kab kab hai please help me

  59. Sir mera subjects bhdf101 bhde101 BEGF101 ehd2 bshf101 hai mera subject ka exam kab kab hai please help me

  60. Apoorva joshi says:

    Hello advika I want to download the admit card for ignou certificate in anti human trafficking ( CAHT) exam. Course code is BLE-031. Kindly send me the link.

  61. Gd evng mam, iam a ba history 3rd year student. Can u hlp me for identifying the dates of my subjects ehi- 5 & 6 which lies in GR- 5 & 6 and also to prepare simple notes in my subject. Iam a malayaly u know malayalam

  62. Mam plz mujhe mhd13 k notes dial so plz Katne Wala clear h hundred me se

  63. Aapki date sheet me mhd13 3 June ko h evng me bt ignou date sheet me 15 June ko h Ming me real konsi h

  64. Bilal ahmad khan says:

    Mam i am History student in 2nd year. i am doing P.G. in history. my two subjects are missing in this datesheet . course code MPSE-004 and MHI-08. plz help and announce date of these two subjects

  65. hmar b bhej do ba ni hum bhut bparesan h abi hmar date sheet naahi mill ba

  66. sunil mangar says:

    Mam please help me
    I can not find out my one paper date
    And that paper subject code is BCOA -001
    Please help me

    • HI Sunil,BCOA001 exam date is 6/6/2017, you can check your exam date in our new tool called ignou Exam date finder easily

  67. Hii. Is it possible that 2 exams can b on one single day. M.com 1st yr date sheet is doubtful. On 16th June there r two exams one in mrng n other in after noon. This is my first time in ignou. N the hall ticket is also not available till now. ??

    • Yes it can be possible.

  68. Barkha Sahu says:

    Hello mam
    My two exams are on same date and same time. Is it possible? If yes then what should I do? Please help me.

    • what are the subject code? we will check and update you.

  69. T LANU AO says:

    Dear mam I still don’t know when is my exam gona start I have nt received my date sheet soo far.if I send you a msg n ask you my problems alzo no any reply its not fair June month is very near plzzz send me my date sheet June session 2017 my enrolment no168543646 ba first year

    • Hi Lanu, Download the date sheet from the link share in this post If you want to search exam date based on your subject use our new tool here

  70. Azim khan says:

    Mam send my date sheet b.sc first year from my wattsup no. 9718246548

  71. Kumari pooja says:

    Mam plz snd my date sheet my enlroment no, 155792130

  72. vs chinaoyo says:

    i want to know exam routine for MCOM first year..still i didn’t get my admit card also.. please send me ignou wedsite…

    • if you give your subject we can find your exam date, so share subject code.

  73. Send ba ist year date sheet

  74. Rajan Kumar says:

    Please mujhe BA part 1 ka exam date bhej do my contact no 8757808171

    • search with your subject code in the new tool we developed, from there you can easily find.

  75. Rahul Singh gond says:

    My salf Rahul Singh and I am doing Bsw course from ignou in December session.
    My study center is jabalpur m.p. but I am in Gurgaon HR because of my apprenticeship treining from MSIL .
    So… I wants​ to know what can I do for my exam ?
    Because I don’t want to take leave from MSIL.
    Please tell me what can I do?
    Which is good for me?
    And the date s of exams too?

  76. Vartika Pande says:


    im a student of BA 1st year, pune. I would like to know the exam date to be held in December 2017. Also what will be last date to submit assignments. Also when are the classes starting?

    Vartika Pande

  77. Sunita vimal says:

    Plz mujhe ye bataiye ki cswcjs ki books are assignment kaha se milenge

  78. parameswar says:

    Hello..I’m parameswar padhan from ignou student of MA in rural development my environment no 156466804= it will check why not completed on grade MRDE004 this subject not completed but why ? Assignment grade C and Theory grade D..what has this problems sir please give to information…

  79. parameswar says:

    I have submitted all assignments but not good grade therefore can I resubmit the all assignments? Please tell me information.. Sir

  80. parameswar says:

    Hello. I haven’t gotten grade of Theory all grades D peppers can I give re-exam?? I had visited my grade card not completed a subject MRDE 004 ..then my all D grade 1&2 years I want to re-exam then Can I give this re-exam sir….

    • Parameswar wait for some more days result will be released very soon

  81. Mam plz tell me date sheet of BA 1st yr dec2017.i am serving person.plz help me. FEG01.

  82. Sir ba 2year exam date de 2017 plse info my email id.

  83. robina kouser says:

    U can sand me BA ist year exam date sheets

  84. Ghulam Mohammad Malla says:

    I have missed my 2nd years one paper .now I have already qualified for December session exam .please tell me Sir about datesheet of December session 2017

  85. Pritpal singh says:

    Sir BTS ki date sheet Dec 2017

  86. Sir lgot reapper in EPS11 Sesson BA .1 st. I reapeared . What is the date of exam in Dec. 2017, Please help.

  87. Toshimenla says:

    Helo ma’am….can u pliz send datesheet of bdp…
    Course code : Bshf 101, Ehd1, Ehd5, Bswe004, Bhde107

  88. Please send my date sheet b.com 1 yr my sub are …
    Feg2 eco1 eco2 bshf101 begf101 eso11

  89. Hey i m Hemali trivedi
    I want to know the exam date for mcom 1 year 2017…..can u plz tell me

  90. Hi. Mam mainey anc 01 subject chose kiya hai Kay ex may practical bhi hora hai

  91. Srijana Karn says:

    Hi.. please let me know the date sheet of Dec 2017 exam… My enrolment no. Is ID1552442

  92. Vikas Singh says:

    Hi sir I am Vikas
    I want date sheet of MSO dec 2017.

  93. Shaheen khan says:

    My subject is eso-12,bege101,feg01,feg02,bshf101,plz send me the Dec datesheet

  94. ARUN THAKUR says:


    • mohd amin says:

      Mam plz meri ik help kro mein commando mein ho muje ba first year ki datesheet chye kyu k muje leave k liye apply krna ha plzz send me date sheet

  95. Mam i can find the exam date of ehi-1 bege 102 , plz help

  96. Respected ma’m,i am a second year student in mps.kindly help me to find my time table.my papers are mpse003,mpse001&med008

  97. Plz confirm the date sub eso12 eso11 n.a. 1st year

  98. Hi..need to know that this is tentative datesheet when the revise datesheet will come?

  99. Ritika bali says:

    Plz confirm eso12 or eso11 exam date ba 1st year.

  100. Hii mam, i want to know the datesheet of BDP course. Please send me….

  101. Hi Advika,
    Could you please help me to get my date sheet of bcom 1st year December ’17.

    • NEED DATE SHEET FOR :My Codes are ..ECO-01,ECO-02,BHDE-101, FHD-2, BSHF -101, BHDF -101 /FHD-01…FOR DEC’17 EXAMINATION ..

  102. I am a student. Of mapce2015 batch of mapc.2nd year.i would like to appear in Dec.the hall ticket is not yet available pl confirm.my enrol no 158693363

  103. Please help me and send me my Bsc 1st year date sheet
    My subjects are


  104. Pawan chauhan says:

    Hello mam im pawan from this tym my hallticket was not im in 3rd yr doing BA maths in this december i m going give all the subject from 1st year lyk”mte1-mte14″.kindly plz help me out of this how to download my hall ticket.
    Thank you

  105. Rajesh Mishra says:

    Plz sir send my datesheat 2nd year ignou my subject code
    FST – 01, BEGE – 103, EHI – 01, ESO – 14

  106. ankur kumar says:

    date sheet December 2017

  107. Tshering Doma Dukpa says:

    Ma’am can you please send me the datesheet for the following TEE papers?
    AED- 01

  108. arun raina says:

    plz sent Datesheet of ignou MSO december exams

  109. Rajesh Mishra says:

    Dear sir
    I am not understanding this Date sheet. only my subject code pls. give time & date FST – 01, BEGE – 103, EHI – 01, ESO – 14

    • In bottom of the Date sheet you can find GR-1 and more exam date details, The subject code you mentioned are grouped so, check with the GR Code.

      Example: BEGE-103 is from GR3, and GR3 exam is on Friday, December 1, 2017. You can find more details on your Hall Ticket.

  110. Mam gud evening… This is Ravindra Singh.. I am not able to get the exam dates which wil be held in dec 17.. plz fwd the same in my E mail id.. thanking u with regards..

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